Core Dump #1

February 23, 2023

Stop and dump the thougths.

A core dump, also known as a memory dump, is a file that contains a snapshot of a computer program’s memory at the time it crashes or encounters a fatal error.

The core dump file typically includes information about the state of the program’s registers, stack, and heap, as well as any other memory regions that were in use by the program. This information can be useful in diagnosing and debugging the cause of the crash or error.

This is the definition of the core dump, and same as the computers, sometimes I do the same. Dump everything I have in my brain so I can continue. Occasionally I will do that and post some thoughts and links that pile over time.

If you’re someone who frequently browses the web and comes across exciting links related to your favorite subjects, you may find that you quickly amass a large collection of links. Over time, it can become difficult to keep track of all the links you’ve collected, and you may start to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you’ve accumulated.

One solution to this problem is to periodically review the links you’ve collected and determine which ones are worth keeping and which ones can be discarded. This process is often called “dumping” the links (in my case “core dump”), and it can help you stay organized and focused on the topics that matter most to you.

Here you will many different topics and I will try to sort them by similar subject. So here we go:




There are more links in the stack but this is enough for now until the next crash.

p.s. Thank you to chatGPT for doing the review.